Top five ways to “KILL IT” as a working mom and entrepreneur!

Hey lovelies! Happy Sunday! I hope today brings you peace and relaxation before this coming work week! This topic has been on my mind heavy as we are going into the third month of the year! As you all know, I’m a mother of two little boys, I work as a registered nurse full time, and an building a business as an entrepreneur part time. I wanted to share some ways that this year has already been so much better for me as I was recently reflecting on what I’ve done different. So here are MY top FIVE WAYS to KILL IT this year! 2FDEF030-6555-4AAF-B6B5-5D8F08782C2E


The number one goal for me in 2018 was to sleep less. By sleeping less, there is more time in the day to be productive. I work minimum four twelve hour night shifts a week, on my days off I get up at 4AM. On these mornings I’m able to meditate, workout, clean my house, meal prep for the week, and also shower with peace and quiet before it’s time for me to get my kids up and ready for the day.

Some others things I do on these mornings include, organizing my schedule for the day, recording videos for tutorials, and sometimes I work on these blog posts. They say you work your job from 9-5 and work on your dreams from 5-9. In my case it’s 4am-7am.



I previously mentioned that by getting up early you can organize/plan your day. THIS IS HUGE! Whatever you may be pursuing, it is imperative to have your schedule written out in a planner so that way you don’t miss anything. Also so that you don’t fall behind on your day. By organizing your day, YOU remain in control!

Along with organization I definitely need to mention ROUTINE. Find one and stick with it. I get up early every day I’m off work. And I choose one day per week to deep clean my house and wash, fold, and put away laundry. Once that is finished, the rest of my week is very smooth because I’m aware of what clothes are clean, locations, and there is no stress about finding the small things (socks, underwear, etc.) for my sons. That can be so stressful!



Meal time can definitely be stressful. On week days when I work, dinner is easiest when planned. My typical evening consists of getting the boys off the bus, one at 4pm the other at 4:30pm, then heading out for work by 5:30pm. The crockpot and oven are my best friend.

Most mornings when I get off work I throw items in the crockpot. There are some evenings when I throw food in the oven so it’s ready when the kids get off the bus. Whatever works best for you guys I suggest stick with that but plan it into your day. D9A955D6-253A-4472-8DE6-914189185A67


When you are the sole provider for your children sometimes the decision has to be made whether to be present or to provide. No decision is wrong, but it’s your decision. I choose to provide, which at times costs me presence, but for only a season.

I’m comfortable with this decision because I understand that it takes a village. I’m blessed with an extremely supportive family. They care for my sons while I work and actively build my business.

There have been times in business where there has been no choice but to bring the boys, but it’s during those times where the mothers take turns watching the kids while the others handle the hands on of the business.



Drop negative/ toxic people from your life immediately.  You are most like your five closest friends. Make sure you choose to surround yourself with people who have similar goals and beliefs. Seek advice from people who are already where you want to be in life.

If you are a mother pursuing entrepreneurship, some of your friends should be mothers who are also pursuing entrepreneurship. They are going through the same struggles and can be a support system.

Find mentors who are where you want to be. Seek them out and ask questions and take notes. Also don’t waste their time if they see something in you and choose to help you grow.

I hope by sharing these tips with you all, there is something you can take to use and add value to your life! Thank you all for reading and following the journey! Until next time! PRETTY GIRLS ROCK!!! Stay Killin it!

The “Secret” behind the glow!

Hello everybody! I know it’s been about a month! I have been super busy with basketball season starting up for my oldest son and I also just got back in town and situated after taking my second trip of the year! Which brings me to my topic for today! GET EXCITED!


“Cierra you’re glowing!”

This is a picture from my recent trip to Orlando the last week in January. That was my 6th trip I’ve taken in the last year and a half.


This is me just last weekend at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon making this my seventh trip away from life in the last year and a half.

Before August of 2016, I had traveled a handful of times. Only one time had I actually taken a family vacation for more than a week. As I entered adulthood, if I was lucky, once a year I would take a weekend trip away with my girls.

They were fun but let’s be honest, after rushing from work on Friday night and driving a few hours to the next major city, we only had one full day to cram in as much as we could, before heading out on Sunday, to be back at work on Monday morning.

That’s technically not a relaxing vacation.


Me zip lining for the first time over Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Look at that smile!

What’s changed? A year and a half ago, I made a decision that I would enjoy life more for myself and for my kids. Two years ago I lost my youngest brother and he had never been out of the state of Ohio.

Losing him caused a period of depression for myself and it also caused financial burdens which increased the depression.

I’m thankful I was able to find a way to look forward to living again and I found it in TRAVEL. Phoenix, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, and Vegas THREE times, have given me something to look forward to in between the days which can be stressful as a mother and a nurse.

Family, friends, and even my PATIENTS have noticed the change in my attitude, my mind, my heart, and even my skin! Some health benefits of travel include; Staying healthier, stress reliever, boosts creativity, increases happiness, and can lower depression.

To look more into these benefits of travel click here! Learn more!


My boys smiling from ear to ear on   VACATION!

Not only have I found something for me. It’s also something I can do with my sons and give the the peak life experiences I didn’t have. This is just the beginning of our journey. Thank you all for following!

My question for you is what is going on in your own life, that will be the reason you decide to make a positive change TODAY?

Check out video #2 on the link below!

Here more about the way I travel!




The makeup box that keeps me away from cosmetics stores!

Hello Pretty Ladies and HAPPY MONDAY!! I hope you all got some R&R this weekend and are going into this next work week with positive thoughts and a clear mind! I’m extremely excited about the makeup box I received this past week and I knew I would be a disservice to my fellow pretty girls if I did not share this blessing!

I discovered this box exactly one year ago via Instagram and signed up immediately! The box is $21/ month and you receive 4-5 FULL SIZE makeup products each month! I couldn’t believe it when they said FULL SIZE! Ever since I have received this box I have NEVER stepped foot inside a Sephora or Ulta!



All most all of the products I use on a daily basis have come from this box that I receive monthly! I have received as many as 6 FULL SIZE products from brands including BARE MINERALS, NAKED, BECCA, MAC, OFRA, PRETTY VULGAR, PUR COSMETICS, TARTE, SMASH BOX and THE MAKEUP GEEK, just to name a few. The box I received this month had a total value of $144 for only the price $21/ month. I’m all about maintaining my appearance, but the number one priority is saving and keeping as much of our money as possible.

Check out the list of products us BOXY BABES received this month!
PUR COSMETICS Bronze and Brigten Palette
DR. BRANDT Luminizer Primer
GIRL LACTIK Lip Pint in Posh
CROWN BRUSH Glam Metals Palette
IT COSMETICS Brow Power Universal brow pencil
$144 VALUE for $21…. that excites me!!


This was the perfect combination to rock our way into 2018!! I hope you guys got something out of the message be sure to check out the link to get signed up and receive your monthly blessing too!


Thank you all for stopping in and seeing what I have to share with you! Until next time pretty moms!