CC454587-5623-43E0-9197-6AD59C990B78Hey everyone I know it’s been quite some time, I transitioned into a leadership role in nursing. It has been nothing less than a blessing, however, it required me to sacrifice a season of my life and focus on getting the facility I run stable. It was a process and well worth the time and effort. Now that it’s stable, I am ready to continue posting here to share with you all the beauty products and services and also the lifestyle I promised I would deliver!AC66B078-FEAE-4789-BDE7-13D3D47FB2F7

As you all know, its that time of year when a lot of us with children are out preparing our little ones to go back to school. While out this past weekend I was shopping for my sons, “The J Boys” and I happened to come across some goodies for myself! I walked past the clearance makeup and a label caught my eye! Three words: ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS.A1E95AA3-701E-4EA8-BBB3-86756B6AB7C1

This brand owned by the gorgeous Norvina, has been one that I’ve been wanting to try for sometime! All of the famous makeup artists promote this brand and support Norvina! However, keeping my money is important to me, I just COULD NOT bring myself to spend $20 for a tube of lipstick! Well I got lucky this past weekend and received two tubes for a total of $6!!! 4620AC0D-90DB-447F-9A06-60AF9A787EC6

WHAT A STEAL!!! Thus far, I have only had time to test one color with a full face of makeup, which is, the purple shade “Madison.” I wore this color to church this past Sunday, as well as, the lake in 80 degree weather for a few hours. After sipping coffee in church and drinking plenty fluids during our trip to the lake the lipstick remained on for about 8-10 hours! I love a long lasting lipstick! These two shades are also a matte texture, therefore there is no shine and it doesn’t feel sticky. It also feels light, doesn’t feel heavy even after two coats! F88A35C4-C318-4827-AD74-7991B6ADF9C3

I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for more steals and share with you all my reviews! Thank you for stopping back in and supporting THE PRETTY MOM BLOG! Until next time stay ROCKIN PRETTY PEOPLE! 79CAC3A5-8785-4318-8C3D-19D0EE1F3F18



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