Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Taking some time this morning to tell you all about my results after trying the newest trend for curly hair DEVACURL!46B3E4EC-FA77-4703-894B-CFA21810B602

I am so pleased with this product! My natural hair is curly with a lot of volume. Unfortunately I had an itch to try blonde hair a few years ago. Well the bleach, along with high heat used during styling, completely stripped my hair of its texture and volume. After two years of being blonde, I went back to my natural black hair, but I have been having a hard time rebuilding the texture after the damage I had caused! 9DFBCF48-E58B-485B-A4C4-588ED2E0BA3C

This is three years after the blonde hair. You can see that my curls are very stringy and look dry. Not as much volume as the natural condition of my hair.A9BD649F-7707-4196-BF16-CC89BC4DA971

This is one month after using the DevaCurl, Curl for all kind kit! I have noticed a tremendous difference in the texture and condition of my curls! I must admit I was extremely skeptical about the “No- poo” cleanser at first. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how my hair would be clean if it wasn’t a shampoo! I was so wrong!  The natural ingredients of mint and other extracts get your hair clean and gives your scalp an awesome tingling sensation and smells so refreshing during the process! CC51D5AC-12CB-4291-8AFB-B437C985B68B

What I love about the styling cream and defining gel, is that these products do not weigh your hair down or give it a crackling texture after it dries. Some products I’ve used over the years, have given my hair a hair spray like hold, which appears to flatten the curls. These products really moisturize your hair and give your  hair a lot of volume. You know what they say, “Big hair, don’t care!”918F4DFF-A9AA-46FA-9EB8-F457D13A160B

My absolute favorite thing about the DevaCurl brand is that it’s a product we can all use. A lot of women of many cultures and different textures of hair are having the same results! I made my purchase for this kit via Amazon and definitely will be purchasing again! Thank you all for taking the time to read today! Be sure to share this post with a curly hair girl or a mom of a curly hair girl! Until next time STAY PRETTY!

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