My New Affordable Makeup Addiction!! I’m obsessed!

Hey loves! Happy Thursday! So I recently had my first photo shoot, I was so excited, but a little worried when it came to doing my makeup! I didn’t know what colors or brands to use or what would look good under the lights.

I had just received a new palette in the mail a few days before and decided to give it a shot! 3813E714-2783-4B8A-AE91-10734FFD35D0

The brand is DECK OF SCARLET. It’s a new makeup line where you subscribe bimonthly, and get a new palette that includes makeup for a FULL FACE, for less than $30. The palette is valued at $142!!! 51BEA4C0-5BDD-4739-9CEC-B7C4082467BB

I absolutely love the sleek and artistic packaging. Definitely convenient to carry in a makeup case. And as you can see the palette itself is shaped like a card. You collect each card until you get a full DECK! Clever idea!! CD3880AB-7B31-405D-A07B-67481C4A420A

As you can see I got excited and used mine but you can see how beautiful the colors are!

Deck of Scarlet features makeup artists for their palettes. For this particular palette they collaborated with an artist named Nikkia Joy, who is known for her sizzling eye makeup! You can see why the midnight sky was used as the theme for this palette! 648DE865-54F8-4774-B29C-DF7E183C6FA2

Definitely love the Smokey eye look I was able to achieve using this palette!! The stardust gave me the perfect glow on my cheeks and nose! I was worried about the lighting when using a highlighter so my cheeks turned out perfect! I’m also very pleased with the eyeliner that came with the palette!7C1114E5-BC98-4714-B320-5A0183747988

One of my photos from the shoot. I love the way the makeup looks under the lights and I think it definitely helped give a very intriguing look in this particular photo. I’m so pleased with this brand. I love everything about it and it’s AFFORDABLE! If you are interested in trying out this brand please check out the link below!!

I want one!!!

Thank you all for taking the time and following! Please let me know what your favorite part of this post was!!

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